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Meeting Needs of Hurting people

Custom made: 1-4 days

This workshop explores the impact trauma may have with various client population in various situations. The workshop will be tailored to meet the needs of a specific group demographic depending on the focus of the group. i.e. children trauma, family, refugees/war, trauma, grief, divorce/loss, post traumatic stress disorder.

Aims: Participants become familiar with the basic therapeutic needs and interventions of the various client population that may seek counseling.


– What every helper needs to be aware of concerning psychological trauma and its impact.
– Psychological Trauma
– Impact of abuse (i.e. physical abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse)
– Impact of family violence
– Impact of abortion
– Impact of rape

Acute Trauma (PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder)
– Unique aspects of war and terrorism
– Unique aspects of refugee trauma
– Unique aspects of disaster outreach

Trauma Counseling – phases and interventions
– Trauma Psychotherapy – typical phases
– Unique Aspects of Children’s Trauma

Grief Counseling – phases of grief
-Impact of loss of loved one (death, divorce)
– Impact of loss of job/security etc.

Experiential workshop
Small group circles