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Vicarious Trauma Workshops

“Helping Helpers to Help” Workshops

a) Empowerment over Vicarious Trauma and Burnout Experienced by Helpers: Emptying Containers
(Custom made: 1-5 days)

b) Clinical Supervision
(each session 1.5 hours. Can be organized custom made 1-4 days/ 4 sessions/day)

c) Introduction to therapeutic counseling
(Custom made: 1-2 day)

d) Understanding My Past and Present – Overcoming Trauma and Preventing Re-Traumatization
(Custom made: 1-5 days)

e) Group Dynamics and Other Unconscious Phenomena Stirring in Helping Organization Atmosphere
(Custom made: 1-2 days)

f) Therapeutic Interventions
(Custom made: 1-2 days)

g) Meeting Needs of Hurting people
(Custom made: 1-4 days)

h) Conducting Trauma Groups
(Custom made: 1-5 days)

i) “Remembering My Childhood” – Experiential Workshop for the Parents, Teachers, and people working with children.
(Custom made: ½ -1 day)