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Heidi Ahonen

The workshops have been developed during the last twenty years and conducted in different lengths and formats at various universities, colleges, schools, conferences, seminars, health care, social care, and spiritual care facilities in Europe and North America. The workshop participants have been therapists, social workers, nurses, counsellors, pastors, missionary workers, volunteers etc. whose desire has been to help trauma victims.

The course developer and conductor, professor, Heidi Ahonen, Ph.D. (University of Joensuu, Finland 1998), is a registered psychotherapist and group analyst. Heidi is also an accredited music therapist by the Canadian Music Therapy Association, and she holds full professional memberships at the Group Analytic Society, London, UK, American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA), Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (CGPA), and by International Association of Group psychotherapy (IAGP).

Heidi has extensive clinical experience with traumatized individuals and in trauma psychotherapy and group psychotherapy. She also has a wide experience in clinical supervision with therapists, social workers, healthcare professionals, spiritual care workers, and various people helping traumatized individuals. Heidi graduated from the Harvard University Global Refugee Trauma Programme in May 2014.

Heidi has authored several books, published in various international scholarly journals and presented in many conferences. The workshops can be organized in English or in Finnish languages. Heidi’s CV can be mailed to you by request.