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Empowerment over Vicarious Trauma and Burnout Experienced by Helpers

Custom workshop designed around the needs of the participants: 1-5 days

This experiential training workshop is ideal for those while listening to the traumatic experiences of others, and have found that the trauma has placed burdens on themselves as well. It can either prepare people to work with traumatized people/ trauma environment or helps them to debrief their experiences either while working in the field or after … A variety of creative techniques will be used to help participants to identify and explore the symptoms of vicarious traumatization, burn-out, stress, and resources.

Participants become familiar with the concepts of vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and burn out of helping professionals. They also begin to investigate techniques to prevent it. The goal is to expand their understanding about the therapeutic relationship i.e. being a container and gaining understanding about compassion fatigue, transference, projection, and counter transference issues. Participants also learn to concentrate on their inner images, physical sensations and feelings, and to alternate in their own and the clients` role.


– Investigating Vicarious Tramatization
– Exploring Compassion Fatigue
– Defining Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) and Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Analyzing Counter Transference
– Understanding Burn Out
– Learning about transference and projection
– Investigating symptoms
– How to recognize vicarious traumatization?
– Professional and personal factors contributing to vicarious traumatization
– Self-care of helpers
– Exploring emotions
– Emptying Containers
– Gaining empowerment
– Experiencing Group Analytic supervision
– Reflective experiential workshops about vicarious traumatization/burnout
– Small group circles