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Understanding My Past and Present

Overcoming Trauma and Preventing Re-Traumatization

(Custom made: 1-5 days)

In the helping field it is important to admit that we are all more or less wounded healers. We must first heal our own past traumas before we can help traumatized others. Furthermore, if our helping ministry is in an area of a collective trauma such as in a war torn country or in the catastrophes that surround natural disasters, it is important we realize that we also are on a danger zone of our own vicarious traumatization.

Aims: The aim to increase participants own self-awareness, preparing them for demanding but rewarding tasks as someone who helps carrying another person’s load. Participants investigate themselves, their past, present, and future hopes and fears, allowing healing a working through process to begin.

-Experiential Workshop: “Image of me…”
-Experiential Workshop: “Letter”
-Experiential Workshop: ”Me as a little boy/girl…”
-Experiential Workshop:”Down Memory lane…”
-Experiential “Life Line” Workshop (participants are asked to bring their own photocopied photos with them)
-Experiential “Path/open doors” “Closing reflection”

Small group circles