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Clinical Supervision

The helpers’ own self is a tool they use as a transference object and role- model in the therapeutic relationship. They also use themselves as a container into which a client can release life’s burdens and emotional pressures or stresses. This experiential workshop will introduce a group analytic music therapy supervision model, which Dr. Ahonen has developed and practised as a clinical supervisor with therapists and other helping professionals since 1995. During this creative process the supervisor and the whole supervised group will learn more about themselves as individuals and as helper. The goal is to expand participants’ understanding about the therapeutic relationship i.e. being a container and gaining understanding about transference and counter transference issues. They will also learn to concentrate on their inner images, physical sensations and feelings, and to alternate in their own and the clients` role.

To help participants deal with their feelings and to contain their clients’ feelings, to gain more understanding of the client-therapist relationship, and to help decrease worker burn-out and vicarious traumatization.


Group Analytic supervision model (inner circle/outer circle model)