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‘those that help others’ deal with their own emotional distress and turmoil that they may find themselves wading through unexpectedly.


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Workshops help helpers gain victory over their vicarious traumatization and burn-out symptoms. Workshops also teach basic skills and provide tools for people working with traumatized people and trauma groups. Workshops can either be organized on-site, to support helpers in the midst of their trauma work, or afterwards, to help them to debrief their experiences.

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The aim of the training modules is to equip first responders to prevent PTSD and vicarious traumatization. The course introduces the concepts of vicarious traumatization, compassion fatique, PTSD, burn-out, and self-care.

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Refugee Trauma Training modules equip volunteers and mental health professionals working with traumatized refugees. The course introduces the basics of refugee experience, refugee trauma/PTSD symptoms/implications, story-telling and creative arts therapy techniques, and self-care implications of helpers. All 8 modules can be taught in 4 days workshop or separately, based on the participants’/organizations’ needs.

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What's Happening Now

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Jordon Refugee Camp

Refugee Trauma 101: Using creative arts & music as a tool with kids and youth to help them to voice out their pain & work through their trauma. Vicarious Traumatization Workshop: Caring and empowering volunteers to serve and not get burnt out in the process.

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Understanding Refugee Trauma- Rationale for using music as a tool

Canadian Music Therapy Conference Waterloo, ON, Canada May 28, 2016

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3 Day Continuing Education Refugee Trauma 101 Workshop

April 8-10, 2016. Wilfred Laurier University Waterloo campus. Learn more: http://www.morethanbread.org/refugee-trauma-101-april-2016/

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Understanding Vicarious Trauma & Safe Effective Use of Self Experiential Workshop

CAMT Pre-Conference Workshop Waterloo, Ontario, Canada May 25th 8:00am – 12:00pm

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Poster for 2017 Lunch-and-Learn Speaker Series featuring Music Therapy: Alternative Approaches to Psychotherapy
March 19, 2017 No Comments

Music Therapy: Alternative Approaches to Psychotherapy

Join us for the fourth and final event in our 2017 Lunch-and-Learn Speaker Series! Topic: Music Therapy Speaker: Heidi Ahonen, PhD, RP, MTA, FAMI. Psychotherapy: Alternative Approaches A lunch-and-learn speaker series for those wishing to explore different approaches to therapy – for professionals and students of psychotherapy, social work, psychology, or related fields. Music existed […]

April 5, 2016 No Comments

First Responders Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Is Now Presumed Work Related

The Canadian province of Ontario has passed legislation that will create a presumption that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosed in first responders is work-related. Evidence has shown that first responders are at least twice as likely compared to the general population to suffer from PTSD, due to the risk of frequent exposure to traumatic stress.

March 29, 2016 No Comments

Laurier workshop to address refugee trauma experiences

          News Release The Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence at Wilfrid Laurier University is offering a new continuing education workshop, Refugee Trauma 101, from April 8 – 10 at the Waterloo campus. Refugee Trauma 101 is a two-day workshop designed for volunteers and mental health professionals working with refugees. Course […]